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Dice Rings

SIDE EFFECTS may include: Cute spinning jingly sounds, extreme jealousy in friends, and unexpected attacks by Ring Wraiths. If fun persists for more than 4 hours, call more friends!

Keep Track Of Stuff With

The Counter Ring

Use this ring to keep track of your Health, Mana, HP, MP, VP, BP, or any other points between 00 and 99. 

Don't Adventure Alone

Equip Your Party!

Save your allies from the perils of standard dice.

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The Gift of Choice

Don't risk getting the wrong ring, color, or size. Let them equip themselves!

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You have a sharp eye, keen reader! Not everyone pays attention to such small text on our front-page scroll. For your diligence, you may click on the rune below to obtain an wondrous object of equal value to that which you put into it.This object can be redeemed at a later date for some of our finest wares. Stay focused, adventurer!

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What Happened to the Minotaur?

'Tis a somewhat sad tale. We've had one of our finest GIF sculptors capture the adventure, though he barely made it away with his life. Steel your heart, and click the link below to bear witness...

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