Frequently Asked Questions

How do I figure out my ring size?

When dealing with wide band rings it's important to rememebr that they compress more skin. This means that even if the diameter matches a ring you currently have, our ring will fit tighter. This is why we always recommend going a half size up, unless it's a LCR then you should go to the next whole size up. Additionally you can click here to veiw and print out our ring sizer guide (please make sure the printer settings are set to 100% scale).

Did you say LIFETIME EXCHANGE POLICY for your rings?!

YES! We stand by the durability of our products.



There is no time limit on exchanges for the lifetime of our rings. Maybe your rings have seen some pretty rough days, maybe your size has changed over time, or maybe you just want a different one. Whatever the reason, if you cover shipping, we'll cover the ring.

Dice Rings can only be traded for other Dice Rings (spinning ones for spinning ones), and Counter Rings can only be traded for other Counter Rings (clicking ones for clicking ones). 


Received the wrong ring?

Email us a photo showing the wrong ring and we will send you the correct one.

If you are a Domestic customer, we will email you a free return shipping label to send us back the incorrect ring.

If you are an International customer, we will have to examine each case to see if it is worth the cost of shipping the ring(s) back.

How does it work?

You can swap them out freely in person at conventions, or ship the ring(s) to us. See the “Shipping to CritSuccess” section below. We will email you coupon codes redeemable for the same number of returned or damaged rings once we have the returned ring(s) in hand.

It  doesn’t matter if you got Dice Rings through a local Retailer, Kickstarter, Conventions, or You can immediately use the coupon  code on our website, choose replacements from available inventory, and choose your preferred shipping method. 


Shipping to CritSuccess

Our Address:

Attention: Returns and Exchanges
CritSuccess LLC
11431 Amherst Ave. #2226
Silver Spring, MD 20915

  • Please include a note explaining the reason for your return and an email address to receive the coupon code.
  • When shipping back an item to us, please use a reliable shipping method with tracking, such as USPS Priority Mail. 
  • Pack the bad ring(s) securely in a thick or tear resistant envelope or box.
  • We can't give credit for what we don't receive.
  • If possible, include a copy of the packing slip or a printout of the shipping confirmation email


Returns and Refunds

We must be notified of a return within 7 days of your receipt of the product for a transaction refund. 

If the return is due to an error of ours (for instance, we accidentally sent the wrong merchandise), we will accept responsibility for all shipping costs related to the return. 



Orders may be cancelled as long as they have not yet been shipped - usually the next business day. During the Holiday Season (Dec. 8th thru Dec. 25th) we cannot cancel orders once they are placed.

Please contact Customer Service by email ( or call (202) 506-7550.

Are Dice Rings statistically fair?

Dice rings are functional and can actually be used in place of dice!

The numbers/symbols are distributed across the outer spinning band in a way that matches the chance of getting those results using a die. The rings are perfect circles, so when you spin them there is an equal chance of landing anywhere on the circumference of the ring. We can change the surface area of a result to change the probability that it will land on that face, so for some rings (like the 3r6sums), the results that would be most likely from dice rolling use the most surface area.

The order of the numbers/symbols is also mixed up, so if a ring is given a sufficient spin, you cannot predict or fix the result.

What happens if a Dice Ring lands between 2 numbers or faces?

If it lands on the line, always go with the face above the line. If you do this every time, it is statistically fair.


How do you get Dice Rings to spin really well?

The rings may need to be broken in. The fastest way to do this is to wash them in soapy water. The rings can have dust and debris in them from the manufacturing process which is very easy to clean out.

We find it best to get the rings soaped up, then grip the outer bands and grind them against the inner grooves while the ring is soapy. The idea is to use the outer bands to grind/polish the grit out of the inner groove, then rinse thoroughly. Apply a good amount of pressure for tough spots. Use dish soap for the best results, since it does not leave a residue.

Do Dice Rings need lubrication or maintenance?

The inner and outer rings have no lubrication between them, nor do they need any. They have no bearings or small parts that wear down over time. The rings are simply smooth steel bands held in smooth steel grooves. If they get dirty or gritty, just wash them in soapy water. No need to clean them with harsh chemicals, alcohol, and especially not WD40! These chemicals are not good to keep exposing to your skin!

When will my item ship?

You may track your package with the link provided in your notification email, or by logging into your
account to review your order!
We prepare and ship orders as quickly as possible when they are placed, but we ask that you allow 1-3
business days for your order to be packed and picked up for delivery. Any order placed after 10:00 am
EST may not be processed until the NEXT business day (So, if you place an order on Friday at 10:00am
EST or later, it may not be processed until Monday morning). Weekends and US holidays are not
counted as business days.
Some orders can take longer if there are credit card authorization or security issues or high holiday
season volume. To ensure the quickest processing time, especially during the busy holiday seasons,
please make sure to add an emergency contact number such as a cell phone or work number when you
are checking out. 
While most orders arrive in a very timely manner, shipping times cannot be guaranteed. Delivery delays
can occur due to weather, USPS errors, or other factors beyond our control.

My Counter Ring arrived. How do I click the numbers?

Some of the Counter Rings start out more difficult to turn than others, but they will break in and become more easy to click as you use them. 


What are your rings made out of?

They are made out of 316L stainless steel, the standard grade used for body jewelry.

How are your rings given their colors?

They are coated through a process called Physical Vapor Deposition (PVD coating). It results in a very durable, scratch resistant coating that does not peel, chip, or fade.

Do your rings contain Nickel?

Yes. 316L stainless steel contains 10-14% Nickel. 

Fortunately, the property of stainless steel to form its chromium oxide passivation layer (the layer that keeps it from rusting) also protects skin from nickel release. Because of this layer, the Nickel will behave as <0.1% nickel as far as your skin is concerned. 

If you are not allergic to stainless steel than you should be OK with our rings.

How do I use a coupon code or gift card?

1. Add at least the number of rings that the coupon is worth to your shopping cart
2. Click on the shopping cart icon (at the top of the page), then click "View Cart".
3. Enter the code(s) into the "DISCOUNT CODE" box and click "Apply" for each.
4. Your subtotal should update to reflect the discounted ring(s).
Note: The coupon code(s) will automatically discount the most expensive applicable rings in your cart! Now's a great time to pick up more!

Are there any extra fee's for international customers?

While we only charge for the product and shipping to your country, some countries require you to pay customs import taxes and duties. The only way to figure that out is to look up your country's rules and regulations on customs, or by contacting them directly.